Pris Stratton

Gender: Female
Model:  NEXUS-6 N6FAB21416

Pris Stratton is a “basic pleasure model” incepted on Valentine’s Day — February 14th, 2016. She is the second oldest replicant after Roy. She meets and becomes friends with J.F. Sebastian. Pris is also the girlfriend of fellow replicant Roy Batty. At an A Physical Level, she is shown to have superhuman endurance (as in the scene where she grabs a boiling egg with her bare hand without harm). Her B Mental Level puts her at a lower intellectual level than Roy. She sets a trap for Deckard in the Bradbury Building  where she disguises herself as a mannequin and uses her gymnastic skills to ambush Deckard; however, she is retired by Deckard.

Portrayed by Daryl Hannah

I think, Sebastian—therefore I am.

Rick Deckard encounters Pris almost by accident at Sebastian's apartment while tracking Sebastian just after the inventor was murdered at Tyrell/Rosen's home. Just before Deckard arrives she has disguised herself as one of the large toy dolls that J.F. has populated his home with.

She attacks Deckard very viciously, using a fighting style combining both martial arts and acrobatics. Though she initially disarms him, Deckard recovers his sidearm and shoots her twice; the 1st shot stops a subsequent attack, whereupon she twitches spasmodically on the floor for several seconds; the 2nd shot finally kills her. Roy Batty arrives a few moments later and, finding Pris "retired", kisses her on the lips, showing great sadness at the loss of his friend.

Occupation:  Military Nexus-6 group
Age:         3 years, 9 months
Race:        Replicant, physical level A,
             mental level B

Los Angeles, November 2019

Blade Runner

Directed by Ridley Scott
Based on Philip K. Dick’s
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?